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The United Kingdom (UK) is an Island nation located north-west of mainland Europe. Whilst the Kingdom is bursting with history and a vibrant, modern culture, most migrants are drawn to London and its surroundings. London, the nation’s capital, forms one of the largest financial centres internationally, and is perhaps the single most visited city in the world today.

The UK is an extremely business-friendly country, and offers investors and those who wish to operate a business within their borders many opportunities to do so. Our team of highly qualified UK immigration lawyers can help you navigate the paperwork necessary to apply for a business visa and therefore residency, including preparing the all-important business plan to the expected standards, and give you the best possible chance of success. We will do everything we can to make sure you get the visa you are entitled to, and in the shortest time possible.

We offer assistance with the following three types of business visas

Startup Visa

Allows you to remain and work in the UK for two years if you meet the criteria of setting up a business that is new to the market and has potential for growth and is endorsed by an official body.

Innovator Visa

Allows you to remain and work in the UK for three years if you meet the criteria of planning to start an innovative and unique business and have a minimum of £50,000 available investment funds.

Self-Sponsorship Visa

Allows you to establish a UK company which will then sponsor you to come and work in the UK under a 4-year visa. Unlike the Innovator Visa, there is no minimum investment required into the business and you can also hold 100% ownership in the business.

It is important to note that there is no official visa called the self-sponsorship visa however, this is an innovative route which may suit the needs of some individuals.

This one of the quickest and most affordable routes to obtain residency in the UK, whilst being able to own or operate your own business.

Benefits of Self-Sponsorship Route:
  • No minimum investment.
  • Establish your own business with 100% ownership.
  • Sponsor your spouse and children.
  • Access to free medical and education for the entire family.
  • Leads to UK citizenship.

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