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Corporate Services

At AG Mena, we act as your trusted local partner and advisor, providing honest, reliable, and secure corporate services in the UAE to help set up and grow your business operations.

We assist foreign and domestic clients establish and structure businesses in the UAE, by providing market entry support and creating the conditions for business success. We have strong links with the UAE Department of Economic Development (DED) and economic Free Zones helping the registration process to run smoothly and efficiently.

We work with a diverse range of clients, from High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs), SMEs, family-run businesses, and international corporations operating in any industry or vertical.

Citizenship & Residency

If you are thinking of applying for residency or dual citizenship in countries that offer citizenship by investment programmes or residency, look no further than AG Mena. We recognise that in our modern globalised world, dual citizenship offers increased global mobility for entrepreneurs and business executives.

We have the necessary expertise to navigate the myriad rules, regulations, and requirements when relocating to a new overseas residency or setting up a second home for you and your family.

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